Jan Felix van Son

View towards the mice tower of Bingen

Welcome to my website! I'm a 27-year-old computer science student living in Germany, enthusiastically exploring the depths of technology and its impact on our world. As you navigate through this digital space, you'll get a glimpse into my passions, projects, and pursuits.



Photography, my lifelong passion, allows me to encapsulate my friends, cities, and nature's beauty through my lens. Each picture is a unique expression of joy, urban charm, or natural splendor. Despite not always mirroring the astonishing images found online, each shot is a significant step in my artistic journey. Even as an amateur, the joy it brings is boundless. I invite you to check out my favorite shots in my Adobe Portfolio or for friends on my private Instagram.



My passion for music is broad and ever-evolving. I find joy in exploring new artists, experiencing live concerts, and curating my personal playlists. In fact, one of my favorite collections of songs, which I've handpicked for their uniquely beautiful vibes, can be found on my Spotify profile. For more about my musical journeys and concert experiences, feel free to explore my profiles on Stats.fm and Songkick.

video games

I have a keen interest in video games, enjoying a wide range of genres that extend from the captivating storytelling in "God of War," to the urban design intricacies of "Cities Skylines," and the friendly competition in "Rocket League." On any gaming platform, I can typically be found under the username "janfelixvs." You might even come across me on Steam.

dev & work

My primary experience is as a part-time Data Engineer, where I have acquired significant proficiency with Java, Talend, and SQL. Alongside my professional and academic commitments, I pursue a personal interest in website development, maintaining my own site as an irregular hobby project. You also can find me on Github.


You can reach me here: