It's just my little hobby to photograph things I like. Hope you will like one or another pic.
Portraits will be added in the future.

my equipment

  • Sony Alpha 6000
  • Sony SEL-P1650 Kit Objective (Not in use)
  • Sony SEL-28F20 Wide Angle Lens
  • Sony SEL-50F18 Portrait Lens (Favourite)
  • Sony SEL-55210 Telephoto Zoom Lens (Not in use)

a few photos of mine

landscapes and nature

I love to be in nature. It's magical.

landscape mountain river castle with river snow day Bingen Park View Bingen

doll photo shootings

The dolls are made by the talented Merve (➜her website).
We had a wonderful time photographing the dolls together. Doll Aurora ➜ her Instagram post (16/08/2021) Doll Mela ➜her Instagram post (18/10/2021)


Poland Wrocław Mainz Mainz


Object Lamp